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How did you learn to speak Thai?

Through conversing with my Thai friends and youtube. You truly have to remove yourself from any crutches that stop your mind from actively translating.

So going to rural Thailand where no signs, menus or radios were in English forced me to learn quickly.
Khon Kaen, Thailand

Jazz, Thailand, 25, is a highly creative individual and businesswoman who travels, and lives according to the beat of her own drum. Born-and-bred originally in the US, at a young age she experienced homelessness, which fueled her passion & effortless transition to full-time travel since the tender age of 19. But believe it or not, that wasn’t even the thing that first drew me towards her.

I first came across Jazz on Instagram a few years ago, her profile was bursting with bright colours, rich reflective captions – with a little bit of poetry, and unapologetic creativity. I, as we say in the current Instagram age, officially had found a girl crush (insert heart eyes emoji here).

But deeper than that, and what struck me the most, was the feeling that I could see her freedom from her profile. I learnt more about her life and I was suitably inspired. I first enjoyed simply following her on the gram. And eventually, we connected.

Read more at Wading Wade.


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