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 . . They get married later. . . . . The evil sister (Raveena) who married their late father is still alive. The evil sister wants to take revenge and invites the evil step mother for an unknown reason. They get involved into a murder plot and the evil step mother is killed. The evil sister does her sister in law (Raveena) in revenge. The movie is an adaptation of a true story.  External links Category:1987 films Category:Indian films Category:Tamil film scores by Ilaiyaraaja Category:1980s Tamil-language films Category:Films directed by Vijay Category:Films set in India Category:Films set in Uttar Pradesh Category:Indian courtroom films Category:Indian legal films Category:Films based on real people Category:Directorial debut filmsQ: jquery ajax upload error i am trying to create a jquery ajax upload script to get the uploaded image data and store it in a mysql database. i am using the following script: function uploadNewImage($type) { $('#newImageUploaded').text($('#newImageUploader').val()); $('#newImageUploader').val(''); var form = $('#newImageForm')[0]; var data = new FormData(form); $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: 'upload.php', data: data, processData: false, contentType: false, success: function (response) { alert(response); $('#newImageUploaded').text('SUCCESS'); } }); } where my upload.php is




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