Namaste, I'm Jazz

มะลิป่า - "MALI PAH" in Thai Language means Wild Jasmine Flower, which was a nickname given to me during my first trip to South East Asia.

While on the road the past 5 years, I've been plucking the wildest prints, fabrics, jewels, & pieces. I take them back home to whatever country I currently reside in, & learn how to remake or transform them with local techniques.

Then I send them to you! 


My goal is to bring light to the local villages I pass through & expose people in the West to the hidden treasures I discover and cocreate with

in the East!

Most of all I hope that each item allures you to start a quest of your own.

Its beautiful connecting cultures together through language, immersion, & business exchange. 


"Planting Cultural Seeds, Fashionably". 


This is a bouquet of Tropical Hair Accessories & Limited-Edition Clothing from India, Bali, Nepal as well as Thailand.


Plant yourself in our global garden...

Jazz Mali Pah -CEO



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 Our team is a collective of global artists sharing our cultures, skills, and designs to create sustainable unique collections. Every hair accessory, garment, and jewel was handcrafted during our journey through some of the most enchanting and explosively creative communities in Southeast Asia.

While voyaging it was vital we curated an international team of influential artists to add to our brand's global vision. We aim to amplify their passions while building spaces for like-minded entrepreneurs to collaborate and make magic!



Executive Assistant

Student at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna Chiang Mai, Thailand studying International Business Management.

Poppy directs our international team, leads departmental strategy, and manages daily operations.



Brand Photographer

Creative entrepreneur specializing in film and portrait style photography. Lindsie has shot and directed all of our campaigns in Thailand and is originally from Durban, South Africa.





Jewelry Artist from Bangkok, Thailand creating hand made wooden accessories in collaboration with local Chiang Ria villagers. Sarita is a multifaceted designer who is inspired by Thai culture and aesthetics.




Serial entrepreneur with an artist hub in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tihn Tihn also specializes in wire and bead jewelry creating intricate design of all kinds.


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Gabrielle Tesfaye is a Jamaican, Ethiopian, American interdisciplinary artist versed in painting, animation, film, puppetry and interactive installation.

 Her extensive international travel and exposure to multiculturalism in her life, echoes itself in her mixed media approach to art-making and cross-cultural content. Gaby brought our vision for Mali Pah's logo & character to life with just a few digital strokes.





Multifaceted jewelry designer creating hand made accessories inspired by her vibrant personality and worldly experiences. JING JING is originally from  JI LIN, China but has relocated to Thailand for many years building numerous businesses.