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Can't choose just 1 or 2 Dream Catchers? Create a rainbow bundle of 7 & receive a bulk buy discount!


Buy 1 Set of Dream Catchers Get 1 Set Free -Today Only! (March 21-22)

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Perfect for festivals, vacations or for a group of friends to share!

1 of each color included.


Dream Catchers are a Native American tradition created by the Ojibwa -Chippewa Tribe.

This sacred practice of weaving together natural material such as feathers, shells, vine & leaves was utilized to protect us while we rest.
Hang these symbolic designs over your bed or sacred space to keep negative energy at bay while in the dream state.
—But what about the girls who don’t have permanent homes,
By choice.
Where will us #travelers hang our #dreamcatchers?
We wrap mine in my #locs to remember, home is wherever I lay my head.




Care: Do not wash or swim with dreamcatchers. The yarn, feathers & beading can be damaged.


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