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Ready to try out new teaching skills in a foreign country or digitally lecturing students online?

This manual is used during my 1 on 1 training consultations, to equip future teachers with tools needed to teach abroad or online.


You will read about how I started my education journey with a Princeton in Asia Fellowship abroad. This program granted me a work visa, teaching certificate, a full-time job as a Professor at a Thai University & was the foundation for my first year working in Thailand.


Finally, it transitions to how I began lecturing online & all the platforms I currently use!


My current online company-

🎧 AUDIO based (students don’t see you!)

💻 pre-planned lessons

📊 daily life/business-related teaching topics

💰 $18-25ph

⏰ NO minimum/max working hours

🧑🏻‍🏫ADULTS only!


In this manual you will get resources for:

•Service abroad opportunities

•TEFL certification options

•Teaching resumes & profile samples

•Paid Fellowship programs

•Asia classroom Do's Don'ts

•A day in the life of a teacher in Asia

 •The top 10 digital teaching platforms to apply to if you aren’t interested in classroom instructing

•Access to a live recording of one of my online lessons & much more!


***Private sessions can be booked for step by step assistance with applying to online platforms. This can help you prepare & pass your interview/demo classes. Trust me it’s worth it, I utilized a mentor as well!***


Book a session with your new training manual here:


Teaching Abroad Training Manual

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