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Curly Hair, Braid, and Dread Loc accessories made in Thailand

Instead of buying separate pieces, get this complete look in one set, for a bundle price!


Set Includes:

  • 2 Crystal Loc Coils
  • 2 Plain Loc Coils
  • Irie Shell Hair Rings
  • Gold String
  • 2 Dream Catchers
  • 1 Earth Tone Hair Wrap -Mid Back Length


Get this Goddess Gyal look with our Mali Pah Hair Accessories. Vibrant, unique & just glam enough to wear on all hair textures and styles!


Click here for wholesale offers.


TIP: Use a patterend thin-width head wrap to give your style some vibrant height.

Next, add our Irie Shell Hair Rings around your wrap!


Get 10% off with code: "malipahtribe" at check out!


$85.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
  • Size: Accessories are adjustable enough to fit on braids, locs, twists and work on EVERY hairstyle!

  • Dread Lock Dreadlocks Braiding Beads Gold Silver Metal Cuffs Hair Accessories Decoration Filigree Aluminum Hair Coil Dreadlocks Hair Braid Rings Dreadlocks 

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