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Tropical Island Hair Accessory Kit made in Thailand.


Kit Includes:

•2 Dream Catchers

•2 Earth Tone Hair Wraps -Mid Back Length

•Gold Cuffs

•2 Crystal Coils Gold


Check out our tutorial to find out how to install each product.


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$65.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
  • HANDMADE DREAM CATCHER created in Thailand.

    Twist a couple of these gems in your locs, twits, braids & we know you'll get lost in the travel spell too!

    These hand-woven pieces were created in the enchanted corners of Chiang Mai, Thailand.


    HANDMADE LOC WRAPS include a comb-clip making these accessories practical for all hair textures!

    Every stone, feather, & charm was carefully plucked to add vibrancy to your hairstyle. We will use your color inspiration to create a unique wrap with our twist.

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  • Size: Accessories are large enough to fit on braids, locs, twists and work on EVERY hairstyle!

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