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Can't choose just 1 or 2 HAIR WRAPS?


Create a bundle of 5 of our shop faves & receive a bulk buy discount!


Perfect for festivals, vacations or for a group of friends to share!


Dread Loc Extensions created in the enchanted corners of Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Every stone, feather, & charm was carefully plucked to add vibrancy to your hairstyle.


You'll carry Buddhist Prayers, the cold winter breeze, & lots of Thai smiles in your hair w/ our #HAIR WRAPS Hair Wraps come in 3 lengths and include a comb-clip making these accessories practical for ALL hair textures and styles!


Care: Do not wash or swim with Hair Wraps. The yarn, ribbon, feathers & beading can be damaged.


KEEP IN MIND: Every item is handcrafted with unique charms, shells, & feathers to be sure every customer receives a customized look.

Due to their handmade process, no item will be exactly like the photo but will be inspired by the color, style, & material.


Hair Wraps will come with either Brown, Yellow, White or Tan Feathers.


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$100.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price
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