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Get the Tea on visiting or living in Thailand from an exapt of 10 years, Vagabond Jazz

Updated this January!


Your ebook will be sent via email with a live link & $10 off discount code for a 1:1 Session for in-depth planning when you're ready to book your flight! 


new year limited time price offer*


A travel resource guide with over 120 apps & 500+ destinations, and numerous websites to assist with your full-time immersion or a trip to Thailand.


Created for new travelers and families looking to sustain a long-term, more grass routes voyage, while on a flexible budget.


With my Tips you will find:


  • Preparation for visa and travel documents
  • Local work & location-independent income
  • Cheaper flight booking hacks
  • 5 accommodation styles
  • 300+ must-see spots around Thailand
  • Locations to start & where to stay
  • Budgeting for short & long-term travel


Spiced w/ the illustrated anecdotes from a creative-preneur who has spent the last 10 years exploring Asia off the beaten path.


*As a bonus this guide also includes writing prompts for goal setting and ways to personally be accountable for your desires.


Utilize our book as a tool, not commandments, allow for edit, removal and expansion as you read!


This is a digital product, which means no refunds or returns.

No exceptions.


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